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Prodigi aims to make Product Management more accessible for your business. Our tailored services and processes have been curated over a decade of combined experience. Helping you fix the most common gaps for your early-stage startup.

Product Management Services
enabling your product strategy, roadmap, execution, and launch
How We Help

Unblocking You

From Ideation to Execution

You Need a Product Partner

Startups don't prioritize hiring PMs early on. Leaving the founder to play the role.....poorly. Getting the right PM help in early stages can help you focus.

You Need a Killer Strategy

Getting to execution requires a team and a plan, that aligns with a solid strategy. Without it, your business will be stuck in action with no motion.

Your Ideation Needs Innovation

As a business, you want to ideate features but don't want to chase every new thought - build features that delight users and create impact with expert PM help.

Your Launch Needs Impact

Product development is not just about getting it out there - it's about having an impact with your launch. Having experienced PMs can help you launch with a GTM that just works.

How We Add Value

Helping You Drive Impact With

Over a dozen service areas to fit your needs

Market Research

Have a solid idea? Good. But without knowing the market, all good ideas fail. We will help you understand the competition and the trends better for a stronger product position.

Requirements Definition

Clearly define product requirements, features, and user stories. We will collaborate with all your teams to translate your requirements into executable specifications.

Roadmap Planning

Without a roadmap that gets you out the door within means of your resources - you are bound to fail. Our experience helping startups get to market enables us to refine your roadmap.

Product Strategy

Develop and communicate a comprehensive product strategy aligned with the company's overall vision, goals, and market realities.


A single source of truth is key for success. Get collateral ready with product documentation, user guides, and feature documentation.

Go To Market

Have a plan of action once you are done building your product. Half the battle is getting to an effective launch and we will help you get from 0 to 1.

Our Difference

Product Help That is Flexible

With help tailored to what you need right now, and what you need later

Based on Expertise

All our team has worked repeatedly on similar problems. That allows us to package all our processes and learnings into proven services. Services packaged to be accessible for you.

Easy to Commit

On Demand services is our answer to the complex decision making process of getting Product help on the team. With one time cost services, you can fix the gap that you are facing without having to worry.

Cost Effective

On demand services are our cost effective solution to your costly needs. Without having to hire a full time PM, you can quickly choose the service that best meets your needs without extensive consultations.

Speedy Delivery

Having worked on providing services over 2 years now allows us to build a repeatable process that is delivered far quicker than custom consulting solutions. 

Instant Start

Typical PM hiring can take up to 3-6 months whereas Prodigi is your one stop shop to fill in the gaps immediately. Our team of vetted PMs are ready to take on any engagement in just 2 weeks of time.

Short & Long Term Needs

Retainer is an excellent go to for teams looking for long term partnership. We offer flexible options depending on what your needs are. Augment plan helps you solve immediate needs, whereas Advise plan helps us partner long term.


Our retainers are designed to be easy to manage. We understand that PM help is not needed at every stage of the startup, so our contracts have a flexible policy on pausing any engagement.

Hands On, Hands Off

Prodigi is not just PM consultancy, it is also PM augmentation. We want to make Product as accessible as possible and hence we offer retainers for both augmentation and advisory needs.

Pricing Done Transparent

Have custom needs? We are just a call away!

Monthly Fixed Plans - Retainers

Starting from

Strategic Consulting and support catered
to startups

Perfect for small teams looking to ramp up
Consultancy style support
Process driven asset development
Execution focused implementation
Plan With Us
Starting from

Hands on support for businesses looking to
scale to the next level

For expansion of features or products
Hands on team support
Data driven decision development
Planning and Strategy focused approach
Work With Us
*Introductory pricing options valid till end of 2024 only

On Demand Services - À la carte

Product Discovery
For Ideation From Scratch

Business Understanding
User Understanding
Market Understanding
Tech Understanding
Execution Strategy

Market Research
For Research Stage Around an Idea

Benchmarked Competitor Research
Market & Product Positioning
Feature Focused SWOT Analysis
Product Elevator Pitch
Market Trends Adoption

Product Strategy
For Pre PMF Startups Looking For Clarity

Company-Product Strategy Fit
Opportunity Analysis
Pre/Post PMF Strategy
Feature Mapping & Validation
Feedback Loops Integration

Dev Ready Plan
For Ready to Design/Dev Stage Startups

Epics/Modules Setup
User Flows Structure
Information Architecture
Feature Prioritization
Team Needs Breakdown

Next Steps For You

Getting Started is as easy as 1 2 3

Pick a Service

Choose from one of our tailored packages, most suitable for early-stage startups seeking product management support and consultancy.

Schedule a Call

We will assist you in finalizing the specific details of your engagement with Prodigi.

Get Onboarded

Prodigi PMs are onboard quickly; our resources take just two weeks to impact your business positively.

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"I have worked with Saqib directly in Crowdbotics, where he was responsible for managing a couple of high importance projects. He is a great researcher, able to collect information from various resources and strategize the best path forward for the success of complex projects."

Ozan Dagdeviren - Crowdbotics

"Syed worked as a part of a multidisciplinary team on delivering IP commercialisation reports for two highly complex and novel technologies, one from our Centre for Compressor Technology and another in Cyber Security."

Brigita Jurisic - University of London

"Saqib partnered with our existing product team to plot our process and identified gaps and solutions. Saqib took on every aspect of our process that he could to contribute and grow. We wouldn't have made the progress we have without his knowledge and leadership."

Breann Johnson - CitrusBits

"One of the best product managers you will ever get to meet! Not only does Mohamman possess in-depth knowledge on perfecting a product, but his man-management skills make him stand truly apart from the rest."

Abdullah Haroon - Abacus

"Mohamman has made significant contributions to the Product community and during his time at Hyke! He has exceptional product leadership skills and excels in cross-functional engagement, fostering collaboration across key business and engineering functions to solve difficult problems."

Rodrigo Campos -

"Saqib is one of the most versatile and knowledgeable people I have ever met in tech. He has a wealth of experience and expertise in various domains and technology is his passion. And he channels this passion by being an awesome all-rounder Product Manager."

Erqem Husaini - Mashvisor

Why Us?

Prodigi has set out to make Product contracting an appealing option for those who really need it. We truly believe that many businesses can get real value from Product services and hence are working on offering flexible options that work for any size of startup.
Still not sure? We are here to answer your questions.

Meet the people making Product Accessible

Muhammad Mohamman
Product Partner

Versatile Product Manager and community builder working to make Prodct more accessible.

Usama Khan
Product Partner

Startup founder turned product leader (Zoom, Mozilla), making the digital world better every single day.

Saqib Tahir
Product Partner

Veteran Product and Business consultant working with businesses of all sizes to excel at Product execution.

Frequently Questioned

Answers to all your burning - or cold as ice - questions

Why shouldn't I just hire a full time Product Manager instead?

Most startups don’t hire their first PM for the first 3 years. The founders end up wearing the PM hat which often leads to issues resulting in closing up shop quickly.
Average PM salary being around 150,000+ USD per annum means hiring one can’t be justified till much later – and many times, too late.

We fill the gap by offering ONLY what you need as an early stage startup for a price tag much lower than it would be for a PM hire.
Since we specialize in working with many companies in similar stages, we have a more diverse combined experience across a full team than most first hires you will find.

Why should I get Product Management services from Prodigi?

If you’re developing a product, chances are you are spending a lot of budget on design and development. A typical scrum team (in house) would cost around 500,000 USD+ per annum. Given those numbers, spending as much as 1% of that amount makes sense to ensure what you are building is in the right direction – or perhaps to get a second opinion.

We love working with startups, seeing a founder’s vision to become reality is all what this is about. Prodgi wants to make PM accessible for you to capitalize on expert guidance while paying on exactly what you need. Our services cater to the gaps most founders and startups face – so it’s a one stop shop for your early stage needs.

Recruiting a Product Manager is easy, why bother with this?

Well it turns out, having the highest attrition rate in the industry + a very premium price tag + industry relative experience requirements = Product Management a headache to fill out.

Not to mention that it is proven time and time again it takes 3-9 months to open and fill an expert role position such as Product Management. Whereas working with us ensures a measurable impact within a couple of weeks.

Which industries does Prodigi specialize in?

Product Management at the heart is a generalist role – that being said, we do specialize in the following industries.

QSR, eCommerce, CRM/ERP, Fintech, and Healthtech.

Stay tuned for our case studies to learn more.

How is this different from Product Management Consultancy?

Short Answer - We want to offer more options than just retainer consultancy.
Long Answer - If you’ve ever worked with any kind of management consultancy firm, you should know that – you pay up first – get information later – to pay more – to get the actual answers.

We don’t work like that, our first call (and sometimes multiple) is free – only if you have an idea we take interest in, we are willing to work with you.

Most PM consultancy firms work from a distance – whereas we pivot towards helping you succeed in your business with flexible help tailored to your exact needs. As a small business, you get the better deal with an all rounder team who works with you in the trenches.

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